Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Alberken FN30 French Fusiler.

Kindly donated by the Hinton Spieler blog site; showing one of the figures designed by Peter Gilder when he worked for Alberken. I can understand why Hinton Hunt was a tad upset, but to be fair to Gilder the Alberken appears bigger and a bit crisper in detail. It is all subjective of course.
Der Kriegspielers, DK 12: French line infantry 1812, advancing;

Hinton Hunt FN 5: French line infantry 1812-15, fusilier, charging; and

Alberken FN 30: French Napoleonic infantry, fusilier, advancing.


  1. Yes, I remember having some of them - there wasn't much choice in those days!

    1. Morning Chris,
      We had fewer choices in most things Chris, hence the need for Banana Oil.