Wednesday, 29 November 2017

In the Grand Manner Part Four.

In part four of the series, Peter Gilder described how he made those wonderful trees and hedges that are virtually standard fare for wargamers nowadays, horsehair trees and the like. They were a big improvement on the Merit plastic trees that a lot of wargamers were using. At that time I couldn't afford even those trees and made do with clumps of real hedging etc. The horsehair idea was a real improvement and available to any handy wargamer. Strangely that is the last in this series from Miniature Warfare. Gilder states that in his next article he would discuss the order of battle. Frustratingly I don't have that article and it certainly didn't appear in the later 1970 issues. Perhaps other readers have the completed series and could send me a copy for completeness. Or even better offer to sell me the issue or issues. I can live in hope. 

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