Wednesday 27 September 2023

Gendarme d'Elite.

I was trawling E Bay when I came upon this unit of Gendarme D'Elite advertised as painted by the great man himself. I haven't contacted the seller, but they bear all the hallmarks of early Peter Gilder figures. Soldered pins for swords, early wiped flanks on the horses and nicely lined uniforms. 

  The figures? I believe are Mini Figs from their S range. Personally I love them and am envious of the person who will eventually own them. The current price £98 and counting. Not bad for a figure that must be about 50+ years old and testament to the artistry of Gilder.



  1. Cracking looking figures with a style all of their own .

  2. They went for £156! There are clearly people out there who not only admire this old school loveliness but have deep pockets with which to indulge it. I'd love to see their collections.