Monday, 11 April 2016

Wanted , Wargamer's Newsletter April 1964.

Actually the title is a little misleading, although if anyone out there has the copy and any other's around that period that would like to sell them to me then brilliant. Somehow, I think the opportunity has gone for me to complete my collection of Wargamer's Newsletters, mores the pity.
 Anyway, whilst reading a later copy of the Newsletter last night, [that's how sad I really am] Donald Featherstone alluded to travelling to Sleaford in Lincolnshire to wargame with Peter Gilder which was where he was living in 1964.
 Featherstone then went onto explain that there was an article in the April magazine called 'GILDERS  GAMES' which apparently explained how Peter Gilder got started in wargaming.
So to me I think a copy of the article would be of great interest to any internet searching Gilderite's.
 I am therefore making a plea to anyone who would be happy to either scan the article and send it to me, or better sell me the copy so I could then scan the article and then read the remainder of the magazine.
 Additionally in the September 1970 issue of the Wargamer's Newsletter, Peter Gilder wrote a small piece entitled 'Do You Live Up North' which again I feel would be of interest and therefore a scanned copy would be of great help for posterity.

So making a bit of an assumption, and if anyone knows different, let me know, this photograph of Featherstone and Gilder wargaming,  was taken at Peter Gilder's home when he lived in Sleaford in 1964. The dominant hill nearest to Featherstone and made by Peter Gilder, was given as a gift to Featherstone after the weekend.


  1. Robbie, I have emailed you a scan of the April 1964 article

    1. Thanks Chris,
      Now Im back from Salute I will attempt to transfer it.

  2. Looking forward to what you find out about Peter Gilder but even more excited to see lots of lovely pics of his figures and battles. I was sure I had read an article called Let's fight Borodino which was in Miniature wargames (along the same lines as the article Let's Fight Leipzig in the first few publications of the same magazine) but I have never been able to trace it or confirm that such an article was written. Any chance of finding out Robbie?
    cheers Dave H.

    1. I better check my magazines, I know that it was published, so will have to dig it out. I will definitely be putting colour images onto the blog. Actually that is really all I want to do.

    2. Look forward to seeing it. Thanks Robbie