Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Hinchliffe Models.

Peter Gilder became an integral part of Hinchliffe Models, enabling the small company owned by Frank Hinchliffe that had originally made and sold wonderful engineering/artillery models, into a company that in the late 1960's until the mid 1980's arguably dominated the British Wargame scene. I know Mini Figs were as equally popular, but if a wargamer had a choice and the cash, they invariably opted to buy Hinchliffe figures. Peter Gilder sculpted figures at an alarming rate, and every year seemed to release a new period. 

 Most wargamers of a certain age have their favourite Hinchliffe figure, initially mine were the Napoleonic Garde Chasseur a Cheval and Mameluke of the Grade, but when Peter Gilder sculpted the wonderful Rupert's Charge and Peninsular Range these became my must have figures. That of course was superseded by his wonderful and characterful Polish Winged Lancer, which today, over 30 years later is still one of my favourites.
 In 1977, Hinchliffe published their Guide to Wargaming which everything a new wargamer would need to start the hobby, including some simple rules, for the Napoleonic period and a simple set by John Sharples enabling wargamers to fight in the medieval period.

 Peter Gilder had a knack of being able to court publicity using the medium of television, and using his wonderful sculptured terrain and beautifully painted figures why wouldn't the media be interested.I hope to add some additional detail to Peter Gilders work at Hinchliffe Models.

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