Monday, 16 May 2016

The Wargame, 1972

The Wargame, Cassell, 1972, was a coffee table book edited by Brigadier Peter Young, which contained various famous battles from history, illustrated by wonderful images taken by Philip O Stearn, an interesting character in his own right. The book contained accounts including Austerlitz, Waterloo [ inevitably] Gettysburg and El Alemein.  I used to often take this book from my local library and pore over the wonderful images contained in the book. Peter Gilder and Hinchliffe Models provided the terrain for the book, and of course some of the initial Peter Gilder collection was used to illustrate various chapters. I am sorry for the standard of the scans, but I am not as adept at copying the Gilder figures. This book is still available via E Bay and Amazon. 

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