Monday, 23 May 2016

Peter Wilcox Gilder.

 Well I am back from Partizan 2016, which was a thoroughly good experience for so many reasons.
 Anyway Phil Robinson was a mine of information as usual and I would like to sincerely thank him for all his efforts and encouragement.

The following information is purely down to Phil;

 Peter Wilcox Gilder [ although like Morse he never used his middle name if he could help it ]
 Born 12th October 1930 with his birth registered in Luton Bedfordshire.

 Gilder married Doreen Sexton in 1969 at Hull registry office, and had two children, Christopher and 
Joanne Gilder.The family moved to the United States of America in the 1990's after the early death of Peter Gilder.

Peter Gilder passed away in November 1990,of Motor Neuron disease.

So that is the basic outline of Peter Gilder's life, I will naturally expand on this over the next couple of posts thanks to Phil and members of the Hull wargames group. I intend to do a little piece on that group later, I think it is worthy of recording in its own right.

Below are more images from the 1974 book, The Art of Warfare on Land, by David Chandler. I have now obtained my own copy of this book which I had never heard of. The figures are from the original Peter Gilder collection, but I wouldnt like to attribute all the painting to the great man.
                                       Images from the Battle of Gettysburg

  Images from the ancient Battle of Daras, Peter Gilder was the Society of Ancients champion at one time.


  1. I picked this up when it came out and that summer did the Youth Hostel Railpass/hitchhiking tour of Europe thing of which the highlight was stumbling upon a wargaming tent at an event at Aldershot. Quite a rush when I realized that I was looking at an ancients game using some of the same figures.

    1. Ross,
      I thought I knew virtually every wargame related book from the 1970's and 1980's but somehow I missed this one, it is a very nice book in its own right.