Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Art of Warfare on Land 1974.

The 1970's were something of a Golden period for the release of wargame books, naturally some were better than others. I honestly thought I knew all the wargame orientated books released in that decade, but a follower of this blog, pointed out one such release that I hadn't read or owned.
  David Chandler, another great wargame exponent had edited a book entitled The Art of Warfare on Land, Hamlyn 1974, which contained an account of the Battle of Waterloo [ inevitably ] which showed images of Peter Gilder's terrain and figures.  
 I would like to thank ' Charles' [unfortunately I dont have a surname ] for his scans of the Waterloo chapter of the book.
 Naturally I have now ordered this book, which I will then sadly drool over the images that are contained inside.


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  1. Bought this book way back in the early 70s and I still have it! Superb inspiration then and now!